10 Tips for Instagram Business

Instagram has become one of the most powerful social media tools in our days, and there is a drastic shift in the marketing from Facebook to Instagram. Almost every business now days has an Instagram account, however, the majority of the people either don’t know how to benefit from it, or they are too lazy to publish their post properly. Instagram requires time and strategy, but unlike Facebook, the posts can still be visible for a long time depending on the hashtags.

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Here are 10 tips that you should follow for your Instagram business page:

1.     Switch to business account: 

Switching to business account will allow access to insights and the ability to promote your post, which is great for marketing and marketing analysis.

2.     Use Hashtags #: 

Narrow down your hashtags to location and specifics about your services. If you are a local small business, you must be as specific as possible. For example, #weddings will have 1 million posts and your business will be lost in those 1 million posts. However, #vizcayavillaweddingvenuephotographer may have 0-100 posts, and your business will be discovered. When writing hashtags, think about two things: Who and where your client is, and what keywords your client may type to find your business. Keep in mind that you are limited to 30 hashtags, so use them wisely. 

3.     Tag Other People: 

The more people you tag, the more your chance of visibility will increase. Try to tag other businesses, friends, and clients that you collaborated with in your post.

4.     Use Location:

Instagram allows you to add a location to your post, which will help the client to have a better idea of your location.  

5.     Be Organized

Your business page is like your portfolio and showcase. Make sure it is clean, organized, and the content is business related.

6.     Be Consistent but Don’t be Annoying

Make sure your Instagram page is active all the time by having a maximum of one post per 24 hours, and a minimum of one post per week. Weather one post a day or one post a week, make sure you are consistent. Do not post more than one post per 24 hours because people will start unfollowing you.

7.     Promote Your Instagram Page

Let your friends, family, and clients know that you have an Instagram page by sharing it on other social media platforms. To reach out to other people, create interesting contents to advertise your Instagram page and its content. Watch the video below as an example:

8.     Avoid Follow4Follow

Although you may hear from your friends that follow4follow is a good starting point, but avoid doing it. Those followers will have no benefit to your business and as a professional business, you should not be following many random people.

9.     Be Active

Being consistent and being active is not the same thing. Being active means engaging in other posts by liking, sharing, and commenting. Also, make sure to respond to every comment and message you receive.

10.  Boost Your Page

People like to follow pages with many followers and usually, they avoid following new pages. I recommend buying followers just the first time once you have built your page and content. There are many scammers, companies, and applications out there that want to sell you followers, but I found www.submenow.com to be the most reliable and cheapest. Boost your new page by buying 1-2 thousand followers and that will boost your page in the eyes of your targeting audiences.

You can also watch my youtube video about on 10 Tips for Instagram Business Page here

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