Reasons why I like Elinchrom ELB-400

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I would like to talk about Elinchrom ELB-400. I got this set and I absolutely love it. It includes one battery pack, two heads, two cables, and one transmitter. I personally use it for weddings and for my studio photography as well. There are couple of reasons why I love this product:

1.     User-friendly.

I am not a tech gig and I found ELB 400 is very user-friendly. I always used Nikon speed lights and it was way more complicated for me, sometimes they did not sync well, sometimes they wouldn’t fire, batteries run out pretty quickly. So, I found Elinchrom ELB 400 is user-friendly and pretty easy to work with.

2.     Lightweight.

The battery pack is pretty light, its only 2 kg. The flash heads are super light as well.

3.     Compact and portable.

It’s also very compact and portable. Flash heads are really tiny and easy to store in the bag.

4.      Battery life.

Another great feature is battery life. It takes about 30 min to fully charge the battery and I can use one battery for the entire wedding shoot (family portraits, formals and so on).

5.     Power of the light.

Another reason is the power of the light is great. Quadra pro heads are 424 watts. You can use them for outdoor photography and indoor sessions. They can easily overpower sun.  Its power 6-7 times greater than power of speedlights (60-70 watts).

6.     Two channels feature.

The battery pack has two channels A and B. and you can use two flash heads simultaneously, thus creating fill light or backlight and lighten your object from front. 

7.     Skyport transmitter.

I have a Skyport PLUS HS transmitter, that allows me to control power from a longer distance without approaching the battery pack. It works behind the corner, it works behind things, it works from a longer distance. It opens up a whole new world of photography.

Price of this product is good for its value. Quality is amazing, it has a beautiful, very soft light, top quality. Amazing for fashion photography and any other type of sessions. It’s easy and fast to set up. It’s really light, it's really powerful, and it’s really portable. 

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