Choosing a wedding venue through the eyes of a photographer

Wedding. It is such a magical joyful day. Despite the chaos, the last-minute mishaps, and the unexpected conundrums, people always feel the extra sunshine in their hearts.   As an experienced wedding photographer, I have the opportunity to travel to different beautiful destinations and be exposed to various sophisticated architectures. But above all, I have the pleasure to witness the ceremonial bonds of couples who vow to be together for the rest of their lives. Each wedding venue is unique in its own way. They offer different packages from simple, classy services to elegant, lavishing amenities to couples to celebrate their special day. Luckily, I have the chance to shoot at a variety of. With so many beautiful and delighted options, how do we choose the right venue? To help you pick that perfect wedding setting for you, here are some factors you should take into account.

Services: Some venues offer an ‘all-inclusive’ service which is amazing because it creates a zero-stress environment for their brides. Some places give you more creative freedom to create your very own happily-ever-after ceremony, which sometimes can be overwhelming.

Layout and ambiance: Spacious reception halls and beautiful interiors (chandeliers, lamps, candles, flowers, and so on) make a wedding day unforgettable. In addition, your photos will distinguish themselves from the rest.

Dressing rooms: Not every venue offers special lounges for the bride and groom to get ready before the ceremony. Having everything in one place certainly, saves time on traveling and makes it easier for a bride to have all her items together in one place.

Location flexibility for the ceremony: every bride wants that enchanted ceremony, however, if a venue doesn’t offer an indoor area as a backup plan for a bad weather, it might ruin your entire day.

In this blog, I would like to write about one of the venues that I believe has all of the amazing amenities to make your wedding unforgettable. I introduce you Vizcaya Villa. It is a small gem hidden in the small town of Fayetteville in North Carolina. The seven-acre estate will take your special day into Wonderland. The former Fayetteville Museum of Art was purchased in 2011 by Justin Pearson, a U.S. veteran, and a wedding photographer. With his artistic vision and passion to bring joy to every newly wedded couples, he turned this historical place into a wedding oasis. As a professional wedding photographer, Justin knew what aesthetics to bring out the best features and moods for the timeless photos of the couples. He stages everything from something as big as the ballroom to something as detailed as a table bouquet.  

Today, Vizcaya Villa offers All-Inclusive Wedding packages that make their clients’ planning experience stress-free and enjoyable. They also offer in-house decor, catering, DJ services. Furthermore, they give their clients the creative freedom to curate their one-and-only wedding theme.

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