Tips for Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is one of the hardest genres of photography and requires lots of creativity and education. Today, photographers really don’t need a college education to become a photographer. Anyone can just buy a good camera and after dedicating thousands of hours of learning and practicing, they can learn the fundamentals of photography, and maybe become a good photographer. However, for fashion photography, you either need to have specific talents related to fashion, creativity, and design or you need to have a proper fashion photography education.  I recently started to get into fashion photography, and I realized there is so much into it. Here are some of the tips that I learned along the way:

1.    Read Fashion Magazines: Looking through fashion magazines is a great way to be familiar with the designer brands, new styles, and the way fashion photographers capture the photos. We often find magazines filled with advertisements, but some of the good fashion magazines that I found are: VOGUE, ELLE, BAZAR, Vanity Fair, V, and W. Also there are great online resources such as,, and, which is the largest online digital magazine website.

2.    Dress Up Fashionable: If you want to become a fashion photographer, you need to dress stylishly because you are the face of your brand. No client would like to hire a fashion photographer that dresses up sloppy and old school. This does not mean that you need to shop at Armani and Gucci stores, but you have to look stylish in some sort.

3.    Learn How to Pose: One of the most important aspects of fashion photography is posing your model. The majority of the times if you are working with an actual model, they know what they’re doing, but what if you have a client that wants to look like she/he is in a magazine and has no modeling skills? This often happens with high school seniors and brides, when they request fashion photography and have no modeling skills.

4.    Be Creative: Fashion is all about beauty and creativity, so be creative with your light sources, location, and props. Spend some time trying new techniques and props, so your photos will stand out.

5.    Get Education: If you have the time and money, getting some education in fashion photography will boost your knowledge and skills and open many doors in the industry. Some of the good schools that I found are: John Kaverdash in Italy, Speos International photo school in Paris and London, and Paris College of Art in Paris, which has an amazing fashion photography program. 

If you want to learn about fashion photography retouching, I highly recommend you to follow Aaron Nace on PHLEARN, which is the best photoshop tutorial channel on YouTube.


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